w7-msiI have been running Windows 7 RC 7100 on my MSI Wind U120 for a few weeks now.  When I started I was dual booting W7 and XP but, now I am exclusively on W7 and removed the XP partition.

The only issue I have run into are with programs that are not optimized for Windows 7 ( Such as Skype ) but, the latest batch of Win Updates have cleared that up and I expect that to continue over the next few months.

See the screenshot gallery and details after the jump…


Intel Atom CPU N270 @ 1.6GHZ and 1GB of ram

Runs fast and stable. Much quicker then XP in general OS use.

Here is a list of programs I use regularly: WMP 12, Word 2007, Excel 2007, Fireworks CS4, IE8, Chrome 2, Filezilla, and Skype

I did disable some of the visual effects to conserve batter life.  (Check the screenshot gallery)

Battery life:

It is a little bit less but almost negligible.  With my 3-Cell batter I average 2.5-3.5 hours of use and double that with my 6-Cell.

Bottom line:

I am very happy with Windows 7 on this machine and will not go back to XP.  If you have a net book… I would recommend switching to Windows 7. I have been running smoothly on 1GB of ram for a few weeks and I do not really see a benefit in sticking with XP.

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