I have seen the following issue posted a few times now

Directly after the first restart the installer hangs on “Completing Installation”

I have installed Windows 7 on all of my machines (The RC 7100 build) ranging form Netbooks to Quad-Core powerhouses with 8gigs of RAM.  Recently I ran into this issue and figured out what I was doing wrong after 2 failed attempts.

On the “Where do you want to install Windows” page I was just formatting the partition I wanted and clicking “Next”


I did the following and it was smooth sailing from there.

DO NOT just hit “Format”

“Delete” then “Allocate”

It will then create 2 partitions.

Par 1 –  Will be called “System Allocated” and only be 100mb ( This was the key )

Par 2 –  Will be your new OS volume

( You can also just leave the area “Unallocated” and click “Next” )

Where do you want to install Windows?

Where do you want to install Windows?